Auditing PLNs: Preliminary Results and Next Steps

Presentation Date: 

Friday, October 12, 2012


Public Locks Network 2012, UNC

Presentation Slides: 

In a presentation co-authored with Jonathan Crabtree, we summarized some lessons learned from trial audits of several production distributed digital preservation networks. These audits were conducted using the open source SafeArchive system (, which enables automated auditing of a selection of TRAC criteria related to replication and storage. An analysis of the trial audits demonstrates both the complexities of auditing modern replicated storage networks, and reveals common gaps between archival policy and practice. It also reveals gaps in the auditing tools we have available. Our presentation, below, focused on the importance of designing auditing systems to provide diagnostic information that can be used to diagnose non-confirmations of audited policies. Tom Lipkis followed with specific planned and possible extensions in LOCKSS that would enhance diagnosis and auditing.

More information is available on the PLN 2012 conference website