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The current version of SafeArchive is a self-contained system that can be installed, used and maintained by institutional staff without extensive technical expertise. The set of open source tools can easily be used by libraries, museums and archives.

Option 1. Running the Software on Amazon Web Services

SafeArchive is most easily run using Amazon Web Services (AWS).  While our software is free open source software, AWS charges a fee for web hosting and data storage services.  Please visit for more information.

To run the SafeArchive system using Amazon Web Services, refer to the saas_aws_install_10-26-12.pdf .

The most current AMI is ami-74e0581d.
(current as of 10/24/2012)

Option 2. Running the Software on Your Own Server

If you wish to install the SafeArchive software on your own server, refer to the safearchive-2.0.pdf .

We offer an installer package that automates software package download and install procedures. This installation script assumes that the installation is a new RHEL 6 Server install.  It is not recommended that this script be run on an existing production system.  Please review the README.txt file included in the zip file prior to installation.   

SafeArchive source code is available at SourceForge.  You may access the Subversion (SVN) source tree at

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